All our shoes are handmade, we take the maximum care to ensure a superlative quality. These high standards restrict the production capability, which has a maximum of 10 pairs per combination/model for our Mid cuts. In the case of the High cut, only 5 pairs!
We don’t repeat these editions. This makes each pair, unique in its size.
That’s why, if you’re lucky enough as to possess a 28 pair, surely you will be the only Planet Earth inhabitant to own it in that particular size.

Precisely that! A unique piece, made in a hazardous size, made in that combination and colors disposition in a UNIQUE size, just because! That model, in that combination and colors disposition won’t be repeated, and a result of that, you will be the exclusive owner of that jewel in all the World Wide World

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Only to stores, selected by an algorithm hating Manager. And we handcraft minimum versions, as described – maximum 10 pairs per version – in models/ version/combinations exclusives for that selected store.

3 minutes, You cook the egg (without peel ) in slightly boiling water. Don’t go easy, it can turn out though!

Never, Jamais, Niemals, Mai. 一度もない By making one per size, and not making seasons, our oldest pairs are likely to increase their value (both affective and monetary)

In several cases, you will see that, as times goes by and it is getting scarce the size availability, the remaining ones in that particular model rises their value with regard to the start of sale of that particular edition.

We can make promotions, only in terms of your pairs owned quantity, please check our 28 Club Membership Program.


We do believe a 10% is advisable in sectors such as gastronomy or transport. Let’s say 15%, if the grantee in question proved to be very pleasant and efficient.

Its manual handcraft, their aniline grain leathers, vegetal tanning, one by one selected, their fully leather lined interior, 100% compact rubber soles and midsoles, glued, sewn and nailed ( black sewn and grain leather notched storm welt , sole and midsole!) Our stitches are real, never figuratives! They pass from side to side! Reinforced toe caps and buttress!

In a world where everybody names “limited edition” to a bunch of thousands of look-alike pairs made by heartless machinery, we resignify the “limited edition” term, giving it its fair imprint: 10 handmade pairs per version, maximum!

And because each part of the process has a superlative quality, unnecessary someone could say, but we are stubborn, we follow 1940’s constructions techniques, to be sure they will last more than you ever ever need!

  1. You already got them. We do know your first impulse will be to walk within them to a distant meridian. That’s why, we recommend using them with moderation the first week. If you about to walk at long length, please drop the temptation.

  2. Slow down! Use them little by little, as our grandpas used with their cars. They need their break-in period, so you can enjoy them for decades, and eventually pass then to a heir.

  3. Deliver them from evil! ! (snow melting salt). We do recommend for heavy snowfall areas- whereas the townships spill out salt for melting it- to use a fluorochemical spray protector.

  4. For their maintenance, we recommend leather uncolored cream, due to their moisten effect, without coloring stitches and leathers.

  5. Give them a break! We do know how hard could be to detach from them, but every time in a while, it’s convenient its relaxation. And their rotation, each 2 or 3 days. This way, they get older properly and you get rid of Union problems.

Club 28 Membership is our benefits program.

As a member you can access discounts on future purchases, gifts to your loved ones, and privileged information about future editions!

For this purpose, you must send your collection photos, along with your e-mail address.

  1. You will be the first to get the new 28 Sport combinations photos. And since in most models we handcraft only one – or less – pair per model/combination, you will get the chance to book them, and be the only walker of this model in World Wide World.
  1. Our Experts Team will evaluate which promotions* you can get according to your 28 wardrobe, and the technical quality (light, focus, pixelated, the fact your finger doesn’t cover the lens) of the photo sent to our Headquarters. * we can come up with monetary promotions with discounts up to 104%!
  1. Free delivery to members.

Why do we see two prices: Original and Current?

The least we have, more is their value!

What do we talk about when we talk about limited editions?

In a world where everybody names “limited edition” to a bunch of thousands of look-alike pairs made by heartless machinery, we resignify the “limited edition” term, giving it its fair imprint: 10 handmade pairs per version, maximum!

How to know what your size is?

Please measure the distance between your longest toe until the heel.
The result in centimeters corresponds to your size.


Centimeter Number/Equivalency

Compare the international sizes in the following table: